Prognosen 2014 – International: LaMont Hamilton mag’s manchmal „wissenschaftlich“

28 02 2014

Wenn schon hierzulande niemand wirklich interessante Prognosen wagt, dann schaue ich eben mal wieder ein wenig zu den englischsprachigen Auguren. Nikki Pezaro und Blair Robertson hatte ich ja schon erwähnt, jetzt kommen noch ein paar weitere.

Den Anfang macht der „world psychic“ LaMont Hamilton. Der Mann hat ein ganzes Sammelsurium an vermeintlichen Ausbildungen (ordained minister, Reiki Master healing practitioner, registered hypnotherapist, and holds multiple degrees in business, psychology, and education) und ihm ist trotzdem nichts besseres eingefallen als „has worked in the paranormal field full time for over 25 years„. Tragisch! Aber nun zu seinen Prognosen, die tatsächlich sogar wissenschaftliche Errungenschaften voraussagen:

  • A discovery that diseases can be transmitted or transferred by pure thought from one location to another will be found.
  • Scientist will discover and prove that we live in an identical twin universe that’s the mirror opposite of ours.
  • Nobel Prize in Chemistry will go to: Alivisatos, Seeman, and Mirkin for their work on DNA nanotechnology that uses the unique properties of DNA to treat the human body targeting individual cells.

Auch wenn die ersten beiden Prognosen doch eher schräg sind, die dritte ist erstaunlich konkret! Und immerhin noch drei weitere Prognosen haben zumindest einen ingenieur-wissenschaftlichen Anteil:

  • The original 1969 USA moon landing site will be reported as damaged or vandalized by another country that lands on the moon.
  • Russia, China, and U.S. will collaborate on an asteroid shield/tracking program due to a potential hazard coming by December.
  • Due to the advancement of new nano-chemicals, future cars will not need to be washed as much or need windshield wipers to repel dirt or water.

Auch das leidige Thema mit den Computerviren soll 2014 ein für allemal gelöst werden:

  • Programmers will discover a simple computer code or app that will end almost all future online computer viruses.

Aber was danach kommt ist dann doch nur das übliche Blabla:

  • 2014 will be a very interesting political year since we’ll have the Fall elections coming, and I predict we’ll have at least 2-3 congressmen resigning their offices before that time. I see a few more veteran lawmaker’s losing their seats after the elections are over.
  • We will lose one of our past Presidents or First Lady this year after a prolonged illness.
  • Due to an increase in sexual assaults in the military this year, men and women will eventually be segregated once again.
  • Significant positive views about women will create a rise in global political and economic power for them this year, and another top 5 auto manufacturer will have a female CEO before the year is out.
  • The alternative digital currency, Bitcoin, will crash due to a well placed virus that affects the algorithm.
  • A scandal over a Nobel Peace Prize nominee will be reported in the news that the commission may consider taking the prize back from them.
  • Tragedy surrounding long-time actor Michael Douglas seen, which could be an accident or illness.

Und damit auch die Katastrophensektion ein wenig gestreift wird sagt der Mann noch das voraus:

  • An electrical fire is seen in the new NSA (National Security Agency) collection center in Utah that will be linked to sabotage.
  • The Atlantic ocean along the central east coast [of the U.S.] will be contaminated due to radiation or pollution that kills aquatic life.
  • I see a tragic full-blown horrific civil war breaking out in Sudan by April, drawing the U.S military into the conflict.
  • New protruding land masses or islands will start to form around Hawaii, Southeast Asia, and the Bahamas over the next year, sparking renewed interest in the legend of Atlantis.

Etwas schräg sind dann diese beiden Prognosen:

  • New York City will move to limit the number and types of pets that people can own in town.
  • President Obama will pardon people that have been imprisoned for non-violent marijuana drug offenses.

Haustiere und Marihuana – immerhin sind die Prognosen ein wenig origineller als die meisten …

(Das war die Nummer 24 der Astrologen / Wahrsager / Hellseher für 2014)



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